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Every mans fantasy is two girls. At least thats what they say. Porn continually feeds into that fantasy by offering two on one porn, as well as lesbian porn. Now lesbian porn is actually a tricky beast. The funny part is, actual lesbians, the true hardcore ones, we would never, ever want to see in porn. But we get these hot, beautiful women, who may have experimented once or twice, but are rarely the masterful carpet munchers we see them to be. Either way, its hot as hell to watch. And to verify, not every mans fantasy is two girls. But a lot of people are into it. Personally, Id rather just have one special girl, but hey, call me a hopeless romantic porn reviewer. So how is the quality here? Well at high, it is absolutely amazing. Not only is the video bitrate very good, but the picture is also very crisp and clean, and the camera work is also top notch. Everything is done here very professionally and almost too perfect sometimes. It really comes across great, the quality is just amazing here. You get a near perfect screen at full screen and even better when you deal with a smaller screen. So what are the pitfalls of this? Well, you get an extremely high video size for one. But that shouldnt bother the quality freak. And those whom it does bother can easily check out the medium quality stuff for a slightly better size. But otherwise, everything is done really well here, absolutely no complaints and tons of praises for the quality here. The pictures section here at Lez Cuties is also done very, very well. Instead of throwing everything into the videos and just giving us crappy pictures, like so many sites do, Lez Cuties actually gives us a photo section worth clicking on. This is because they do independent photo shoots of the action presented in the videos. Furthermore, they also have a cuties section which highlights some individual girls. The pictures are just as good as the videos, very bright and vivid with great quality and no real problems whatsoever. They are all thumbnailled well, the galleries are good length and everything just looks really good. Conclusion : Lez Cuties is a great, high quality, unique lesbian porn site. They offer both great videos and gorgeous pictures. The only thing someone might not like about this is that it might be a little too overproduced for some people. Im fine with it this way though, and sure many many will agree with me!

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Simple Love
Right into her pooper...!
Kiss me!
Show me yours
Lesbian Supernova
Teen tongue massage
Satisfied little pussies
Dark love
Friendly Hug
Dildo experts
Frisky & fun
Sweet temptation
Brunette babes
Sharing a Dream
Tease and Please
Teen honeys
Getting down
My new love Anna!
Pussy lick fiesta
Inked and in love
Let me entertain you
Shy and Naughty
Busty and Horny
Tender Moments
Seeing Red
The Pink Strappy
Lez Rookies
Bi-Curious Babes
Sexual Curiousity
Dolce Vitas New Lover
Think of Pink
Brand-new cuties
Jalace meets Stefanie
Cuties Sofi and Lovenia
Hot birds in skirts
Ass lickers
Constantly Together
Love in St. Petersburg
All the sudden...
Girls night in
Full of Life
A trip to Lesbos
Lesbian Sensuality
Afternoon love
The Color of Love
Gloria Hallelujah!
Offline Joy
Cuties and a Dildo

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Backstage for December
Fortune telling
Backstage for March
Bikini cuties
Tales for big girls
Teen secrets
Fisting plays
Backstage for April
Touch me!
Brittany spears
Wet wishes
Bubble pop
Bad girls
Pee(p)ing surprise
Kisses so sweet
When girls go bad
School friends
Backstage for January
At home
Slumber surprise
Bubbly fun
Curvy girls
Backstage for February
Water pistol party
Pussy kiss
Taste me!
Bookworm babes
Backstage for August
Shy baby
Kinky girlfriends
Double joy
Friends forever
Backstage for September
Teen lez fun
My best friends
Initiating my friend
Deep feelings
Backstage for May
Yulias first time
Games for Saturday
If I were a girl
Backstage for June
Different point of view
Love of fisting
a beautiful friendship
Tight ass fingering
Fun time

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Jolie de vivre
The Nerd and the Shy
One love
Fashion Girls
Private Show
Lick Sisters
Bedroom Secrets
Sit on my face please!
Girlie Love
Initiating my girlfriend
Make Up Making Out
Backstage for August
A Kinky Excuse
Be Spontaneous!
Be the Third
Lesbian Swingers
Thrilling Love
Lovers Forever
Fair Deal
Backstage for July
Deep Inside
Its All About Fun
Like a Sister
Restless Fingers
Teen Seducer
Cheers for Lesbians
Afterschool Fun
Avas Guest
Lesbo Massage
Couch Cuddle
Sweetest sin
Makeup geeks and pussy
Girlfriends at home
Ass-fist fanatics
Valentines day surprise
Make Me Beautiful
Fashion and Sex
Alltogether now
Two Worlds
Xmas Helper
First time Lesbian Sex
Lesbian love
Best friends at home
Deep in my ass
Asian allure
Into the Dark
Happy to be Bothered

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The heat is on
Going wild
Phone stalker
Exam session
Pleasant memories
Tea time
Pillow fight
A rainy afternoon
Sleeping over
Kinky in the kitchen
Bathing beauties
Scent of love
Lazy afternoon
Big girls like sex
Doing the laundry
Bowling pins
Fun factory
Cucumber salad
Sweet melodies
Dildo love
No sleep
Hot jeans
Christmas present
Best friends
Workout bane
Little panties
Backstage for April 2007
Anal virgin
Friendly chat
Whats your flavour?
Summa cum laude
Pink on pink
Golden girls
Fun sharing
Plumbing & fucking
Magazine sex tips
Library pussies
Fan fun
Friends indeed
Awesome threesome
Dirty talk
Sweet Valentine
Home video
Schoolgirls at home
Backstage for May 2007

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No homework
Lets try my new toy
Study buddies
Sexy sleepover
Strap-On Cuties
Lusty lesbians
Happy & merry!
Backstage for December
Sassy girls
Sexy snacks
On my favorite rug
Backstage for October
Kiss but dont tell
Nasty girlies
Girlfriends first time
Gym fun
Smart girls fun
Instead of studying
Stress relieve
Triple joy!
Cant resist
Sleepover anyone?
Ava and Inna best friends
My sexy toy
More than just friends
A full sized passion
She is on a Diet
Backstage for April
Best time together
Best friends for sex
Inna is agape
Playful Friends
Backstage for May
Ashley shows Milla some
Beautiful youth
Try My Toys
Backstage for March
Lets try them out
Backstage for January
Girls at home
Teach me to shave...
Lez Cardio Workout
A Welcomed Distraction
Cute Roommates
Lets take a bath
A little help please
Willa pleasures Vania
Schoolgirl romance

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Bathroom plays
Strap-on sweethearts
Love lessons
The grapes of joy
Phone sex
Dorm bunnies
Daddys office
Russian Caviar
Bedtime stories
Massage me!
Initiating Ida
Sexy snacks
Kitchen fun
Seventh heaven
Party preparations
So hungry
Soft drinks hard core
Try on, try out
Help with homework
After sport massage
Piano practices
Peeping on Abigail
Coffee break
Photo fun
Magic makeover
Teen dreams
Lazy hours
Fortune cookie
Cheeky coeds
Online inspiration
Girl talk
My cousin
Morning rush
Preparing dinner
Lesbian dream
Hot workout
Sexy slumber
Time for fun
Girl games
Piano duet
Pillow talk